Manged Services not available

Hi all,

I need to allow some clients to manage their access point but they have to be still visible by my own account.

For this reasons I discovered that I probably need to create a managed account for each client.

Now the questions:

1) Why can't I see "Managed Services" on the side-menu of cnMaestro Cloud (I've changed my account to "Wireless LAN" under Application>Settings following this guide but I still don't see the menu entry) ?

2) Is there any limitation on the number of the managed accounts?

Thank you in advance.

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I have forwarded this to our support and development team.


Please sumbit a request on support site with your query :

We will help you to enable MSP on your cloud account. 

Hi all,

thanks for your reply.

Since MSP is still in beta, we opted to create an account for each client and invite our support account from clients ones.

Thanks you again.



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