Manually set speed/duplex on CMM Micro

How can I manually set the speed to 10Mbps and the duplex to half on the CMM Micro? We are getting errors between our CMM and Cisco switch…please advise. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you can… I guess you have forced your cisco down to 10.

Am i right in believing that you are directly connected to the CMM, if so the only thing I can think of is to add an extra hop by placing another small hub/switch in between, but then you will have

CISCO @ 10 ====> 10 @ HUB @ 100 ====> 100 @ CMM

and u may have broblem with HUM and CMM, although in an ideal world it should be smart enough.

A real crude way would be to use canopy equipment make the hop to force it to 10M, stick an AP into the CMM point it an SM and plug the SM into the CISCO, or if you need the bandwidth then use 2 BH’s master/slave setup.

There may be a much easier way… just a thought…

good luck

I have tried every combo on the Cisco switch’s port but I keep getting a lot of time outs. I am suspecting a bad cable or even a bad port on the switch or CMM.

Still, I read a article in Canopy’s knowledge base about this and it said that it is possible to change the spee/duplex settings on the CMM. Can somebody from Motorola help me?


I just looked at my User’s Guide PDF for the CMM Micro. Log into the CMM through the web interface and click on the Configuration link in the left frame. It should show you a hortizontal listing of all ports on the CMM Switch, and what their current status is. There are drop down boxes for each port that allow you to set the speed and duplex. By default they are all set to to Auto, according to the User Guide.

So, just change the value in the drop down box to meet your needs.

What version of software is your pdf refering to.

I have a CMM Micro 2.0.8 and I don’t have the drop downs.


I dont see drop down boxes under the ports on the web interface either. The software date on my CMM Micro is June 9th 2004.

vj wrote:
What version of software is your pdf refering to.

I have a CMM Micro 2.0.8 and I don't have the drop downs.


The latest software release for the CMMmicro is 2.1.1 and is available on the Canopy website at -> Support -> Software Updates -> Canopy CMMmicro


Mine has the drop downs, you need to update your firmware to 2.1.1