Manually set time and date on force 200 running 4.4

i have a client with an old force 200 running 4.4 connecting to a epmp 3000. The unit wont let it connect because the force 200 has the wrong date and time. I can't change the date and time becasue i can't get it to connect to get internet and by the ntp server. how do i fix this ? the client is about 2 - 3 miles away from the pmp 3000. 

Hmmm... I don't think I've ever heard or seen this issue. How do you know that it's not connecting because of incorrect time and date?

Not sure how this could be a thing as no radio would have the correct date/time until it connects to the AP and can access whatever it's getting the time from.

the wireless wont connect becasue it has the wrong security key. but i checked on both ends and wont connect. i can conenct them to the old epmp 1000 and get internet access and update date/time after that it will connect to the epmp 3000. 

Pretty sure the time defualts to factory setting every time the radio is power cycled, at least the F200 here at my work bench does (01 Sep 2015, 00:01:21 CST).

   I don't see how the system date/time could be involved in this process since no CPE will have the right time after it is rebooted / power cycled and therefore noone's CPE would be able to connect to the AP.

  But I guess to answer your question I don't believe it is possible to manually configure the time on ePMP radio... maybe via SNMP ?