Manufacturers will continue betting on Wi-Fi 6

This year 2020 is the democratization of Wi-Fi 6, if in 2019 the main Wi-Fi 6 routers already appeared on the market, this year new equipment such as Wi-Fi repeaters, USB Wi-Fi adapters, Wi-Fi cards will appear. Fi PCIe and most importantly, new high-end smartphones will already come with this new standard to squeeze the most out of all the new features of this standard. We already lived it years ago with Wi-FI 5, first the manufacturers bet on this standard in their home routers, to later start to launch the rest of the equipment with the standard. It is very important to have all the equipment with Wi-Fi 6 in order to take advantage of all the improvements incorporated in the standard, although Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi access points are compatible with the old standards, we will not be able to take full advantage of them due to this. Samsung with its S10 family was one of the first to have the Wi-Fi 6 standard on mobiles, but in recent months the rest of the manufacturers have also done the same.