Map Modes

In Monitor, Map i can select and change the Mode. If i change from Device Status (UP/ DOWN) to another, no changes in the map:/

I Have AP (Tower, in Cnmaestro) PMP 450 .


Why i don't see the others modes (Average MCS etc...?) when i click Apply?

Thank you for pointing this out.   We will open a bug for this.

Hi, i have installed CNMaestro 1.5.0 but i have the same problem that i would like to re-explain because I was not well explained:

From the home, Manage -> Map

I see all my towers. In the upper right corner i can change the Mode:


Default mode is Device status and works but the orhers no:


when i select another mode, no chages in the map.

I didn't insert Site in the Map, i build my infrastructure in this way (system->default->location->ap->sm):


CNmaestro 1.6.0, same problem. Only "Device Status" works.


Does anyone work the others mode?

Hi, I try to request how this mode works that I've never seen it work

We are addressing the inconsistancies of "map mode" in the upcoming 1.7.1 release of cnMaestro.

The reason "Retransmission Percent" and "Average MCS" modes don't have any effect with your PMP radios is because these are ePMP specific modes. In 1.7.1, we will make this clear in the GUI, or hide modes that are not applicable in 1.7.1.

"Alarm Status" does not work for towers. Even if the tower has APs with active alarms, the tower color does not change. If you drill down the tree to a tower level, this will makes the SMs visible on the map. Now if you select "Alarm Status" as the map mode, you will see your SMs displayed using different color codes based on active alrms on the SMs. With 1.7.1, SM dsplay on map can been enabled even at "Network"  and "System" level. And "Alarm Status" mode will change the color of the tower based on the alarms active on the APs on that tower.

"Reregistration Count" is applicable only to SMs (both PMP and ePMP). So you first need to drill down to tower level to make the SMs visible on map, and then change map mode to "Reregistration count". With 1.7.1, display of SMs in the map can be enabled at "Network" and "System" levels also. As I am typing this, I also realize that when SMs are not visible, maybe we can show a consolidated count of reregistrations for the tower. We will also add a map mode based on "Link Quality Indicator". LQI value is impacted by reregistration, but the effect wears off over time. So the display will reflect recent link quality and will not be impacted by large reregistrations counts that are weeks or months old.