Map view on internal network?

I am using cnMaestro on-prem. It is on a machine that doesn't have direct Internet access, but can access the Internet via a proxy.

How do I get the maps to work? I'd like to see where my radios are on a map, but the maps are all blank currently. I don't see anything in the User Guide about settings up Internet/Map access.

@loganmc10, just curious, are you running the current version of cnMaesto On-Premises?  it is version 1.6.3.  Due to some changes in recent versions of cnMaestro maps, some of the older version maps no longer work.

Yes I am running 1.6.3-r19

Does it pull the map data from the Internet? This machine has no Internet connectivity so I don't see how the maps would work without some kind of proxy configuration.

Hi loganmc10 -- yes, map usage requires an internet connection.

Right, so is there any way to configure an Internet proxy? Or is direct Internet access required?

Direct internet access is required -- we don't provide any proxy configuration.

Hi Rob

I am in the same situation where we are starting to deploy a large number of devices and require map access via a proxy. Is this going to be added at some time?