Maps question

Hello all,

i have a questions about the maps functionality, so I work in an Air gapped network and was wondering if there was a way to download a map and then throw it into cnMaestro somehow. or are the maps included in the OVA file and Im just not seeing them because I haven’t enabled something? any help would be appreciated thanks.

We have an on-prem cnMaestro that does not connect to the internet. I recall having a similar issue during the 1.x series of cnMaestro where the map was blank. The only thing I can think of is now we initially attach it to internet for vlan configuration, then switch it to an internal ip. Since doing that we’ve now been able to see the maps. Curious if cnMaestro connects initially on install to grab the maps, but that would require a Cambium team member for assistance.

To clarify we don’t use satellite view. Edit - just enabled sat view and it works too.

ill try this, ill poke a hole in the firewall and connect it and then disconnect it to see what happens. thanks for the response.

Hi Jordan – maps in cnMaestro On-Premises are hosted in the Cloud and are accessed from the browser (which reads the tiles directly). We have not yet turned on the ability to host a local Map server.

ugh, okay thanks Rob, it would be helpful to be able to do this for companies like us who are bound by federally mandated NERC standards. connecting to the cloud raises our criticality level and is thus not worth it for us to try and access the web. if you guys offered an on premise option to load in a downloaded map that would be awesome. That’s probably a big ask though. Thanks for the response.

Yup the incoming maestro x on-prem 3.x that requires an internet connection is going to be a hard no for utilities. It’s a real shame Cambium waited until the last minute to provided and upgrade image too (LTS support is about to expire on Maestro 2.x).

Hi Jordan, we have a currently disabled feature in cnMaestro On-Premises where we pull tiles from a locally hosted GeoServer. It is configured using the URL of the map server, which needs to be maintained by the customer outside of cnMaestro. If we enabled that in an upcoming release, that should solve the underlying issue. Would it be sufficient?


Yes that would likely be good enough we have our own map servers and that would help us a lot. it would also help a ton of other utilities. I appreciate the responses.