March update

There was a new version released in early March, are there any release notes? The app only lists 2 changes, SNMP restore to readonly and a scan list bug, are there any other fixes? Is the cnMaestro template provisioning problem going to be fixed in an upcoming version? I've sent debugs and emails about the new version and never received any sort of response.

"This is a known issue that is being looked at. The problem is that even though GUI access to works, SNMP to the same IP will not work. And the app uses SNMP. You will see this issue when VLAN configuration is enabled and the SM is connected to the AP. "

We would also be completely ok with storing our cnMaestro template locally on the installer's device, as long as we can have them select a dropdown and click which template to apply, this will greatly reduce errors, configuration time, and get rid of having to manage batch sripts for multiple people on multiple laptops.

I've also noticed my frequency scan list never saves and I have to reset it every time I try to initially provision an SM, am I doing something wrong?

Is there an Apple release planned?

Our cnMaestro server has an internal private IP, and it's not accessible from our corporate WLAN. I enter my credentials in the intial step 1 configuration but skip the connection part because I know it will not work, is this part of the problem? We can't be the only ones out who do not allow access to our cnMaestro over corporate wireless are we? For on-prem cnMaestro wouldn't it make more sense to validate our credentials once the SM is registered to the AP and actually able to talk to cnMaestro, then we can authenticate and use our cnMaestro template to finish provisioning the SM?

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The last update contained only the two changes listed in the change notes.

The issue with the local IP of the SM ( becoming unreachable after VLAN is configured has been fixed in 15.2 and a beta version is availabe to try from But based on your description, I don't think this is the issue you are running into.

Once the SM IP and VLAN is configured, the app no longer needs to talk to It tries to switch the Wi-Fi connection from static IP to DHCP. Please make sure the following two conditions are met for this to work correctly.

1. You should connect to th Wi-Fi network from within the app, not using Android's Wi-Fi settings. To confirm this, go to Android Wi-Fi setting screen, and "Forget" the Wi-Fi network you are using with the app. Then open the app, go to "Wi-Fi" in the menu and connect to the Wi-Fi network. This allows the app to contol the Wi-Fi network settings, including switching betwen static and DHCP as needed.

2. When the the app has configured SM network settings, and it changes the Wi-Fi from static to DHCP, it expects that the phone will get a DHCP IP assigned from the network.

A simple test for connectivity to cnMaestro is to open the mobile browser on the phone and navigate to the cnMaestro URL. If that does not work, the app obviously will not be able to on-board the SM into cnMaestro.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "frequency scan list never saves"? If you go into "Settings > Scan List", and change the scan list (for example, select all 5.7GHz channels, and select 20MHz bandwidth), click "OK" button a few time to come back to the main screen, and then go back into "Settings > Scan List", do you see that your changes are lost and everything is unselected again?

iOS version in under development and will be available by April end.

Skipping the credential validation step is not the problem. This step is optional for on premise cnMaestro.

Thanks Rajesh,

I updated to 15.2 and was able to spend some time looking at this and I think I figured out what was going on. I was setting my customer VLAN on the VLAN prompt page, so when my SM rebooted my Android device would get a public DHCP address and not be able to talk to cnMaestro to finish the provining. To fix this I've left the VLAN configuration options blank and have instead added the customer VLAN to the cnMaestro template that the technicians will select to install. This way my customer VLAN will be applied in the template cnMaestro pushes for my QOS and SNMP settings and the SM LAN port will receive it's public IP address.


Thank you for the update. Glad to hear that the problem was found and fixed.

Hi Rajesh,

I downloaded the beta to test the Work Order feature, but I'm finding that I can't connect to cnMaestro again with this version of the App. I've tried connecting both without a VLAN provisioned and with my data VLAN provisioned. 

If I downgrade the app I'm able to connect to cnMaestro and apply my templates when I leave the VLANs unprovisioned in the configuration step. Am I doing something wrong? 

I'm testing this on a 450i AP and 450b SM both on 15.2 Beta-2. 

I spent another hour confirming my settings this afternoon. Beta release will not connect to cnMaestro when I leave Data and Management VLAN's unconfigured, but the current stable version of the app works correctly for me and can connect to cnMaestro when I do not configure the VLAN's. 

For what it's worth I also noticed the beta version of the app will not change my wireless settings, and I have to manually configure them to connect to my SSID. I'm using the Cambium recommended Linktechs device. 


Can you please try the following?

1. Make sure you have cnAcher v1.1 beta installed.

2. Go to Andriod's "Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi" screen, long press Linktechs SSID, and select "Forget Network".

3. Go to Android's "Settings > Apps & Notifications > cnArcher" screen, and click "Storage", and then "Clear Data" button.

4. Run cnArcher. You will see the initial setup wizard. When you get to the "Configure Wi-Fi" screen, select the Linktechs SSID, enter the password  if any, and click "Connect". Leave the "Static IP" field at it's default of

5. Continue on to the SM install flow and see if it work for you.

If the above still fails, please select "Report a bug" from the cnArcher menu to send us the debug logs.

Hi Rajesh,

It looks like clearing the stored data from the device app settings did the trick. I'm now able to connect to cnMaestro and also use the app to select SSID's in the Beta Version. Clearing the app data may be a good recommendation for anyone upgrading between versions, simply uninstalling and re-installing does not clear cached data.

Thanks for the assistance, we are eagerly awaiting the iOS release :)

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This has helped me also. I look forward to testing it tomorrow. Thanks guys!


End of April has come and gone.  Any idea when we will see The iOS release?

@remotelylocated, an updated version of cnArcher 1.1 beta will be released near the end of this month.  It supports PMP SM installation and will add the following new features.

  • Software update SM directly from cnArcher
  • Installation summary (HTML and JSON)  (including up to four photos of the install)
  • Work orders - Abiltiy to pre-define customer-specific information eliminating the need for the installer to type during install