Martin Keding's history and Progress - Liver Transplant

For those of you who know Martin Keding (a CTCA instructor on Canopy Advanced topics), he had a liver transplant in London, Ontario, Canada the first of this month.

I’ve been asked to give an update…

Short-story…he’s doing well-enough that he should be returning home later this week.

The long-story follows…

Martin’s trip out of the hospital is almost complete - but it was long, painful, and he has a lot of healing yet to go…

He was released from the hospital ‘proper’ last week, but required to stay in-town for monitoring for another week

If you want to send him a note, you can reach him at:
Martin Keding
183 Eastcote’ Dr.
Winnipeg, MB Canada R2N 4H4

Lengthy Background for those interested:
(probably too much information for people who don’t know him):

Oct 31
Martin got the call shortly before midnight that a liver had been found. Within two hours he and his wife had kissed the oldest 2 (of 4) boys good-bye and were at the Winnipeg airport - boarding a Cessna Citation bound for London, ON. Arrived by 2:00 a.m. and was being processed for surgery by 6 a.m.

Nov. 1
Transplant finally occurred in the afternoon after being bumped-back in the queue. He is moved to ICU for recovery. After a couple of days he is moved to the “Multi-Organ Transplant Unit”. There is still a lot of pain, but doctors say "you’ll get past it"

Nov. 6
Sarah returns to their kids - Martin’s sister shows-up (from British Columbia) to take-on the next watch…good news is that she works with medical folks in her province (she is in Mental Health support). He was still in a lot of pain, but doctors couldn’t figure out ‘why’…

Nov. 7
After several days of unabated pain, the doctors conduct a sonogram and find an artery that looks “crimped”. They decide to go back in (with ‘staples’ in his stomach, its “supposed” to be easier to get back-in…kinda’ like a Zip-Lock bag, I guess). His doctors widen-up/uncrimp the artery and cut-out a few other things (don’t ask me what they were!)

Nov. 8
Pain-team shows up and installs a Morphine-drip (self-administered)…guess they finally got the message “it hurts”… :frowning:
The medical team has him up-and-walking fairly soon after operations #1 and #2

Nov. 9
With morphine-drip working (but not too-much…morphine causes weird dreams!) Martin is returning to ‘normal’ (as normal as a Canadian can be without access to beer, I guess <grin>). His personality is returning more day by day!

Nov. 10-14
Healing appears to be going well…His sister returns to B.C…pain is now localized to incision (looks like an upside-down “smiley face” and 2 pressure points (they put ‘hooks’ under the rib-cage to help keep the area open while doing the liver-swap…ugh!)

Nov. 14
Martin is released into the community to stay at the house of a relative nearby. He commented that his strength is not very substantial - getting dressed for the daily visits to the hospital out-patient exam-room and a local walk-down-the-block tires him out…I tried to point out that he had been “cut-open” twice and that he might need a “little bit” more time…he sadly (and tiredly) agrees

Nov. 14 - present
Martin continues to visit the out-patient exam room and hears good news about how his “bad enzymes” are falling…not to “normal” yet, but they have dropped an extreme amount (for a guy with a dying liver)

Approx Nov. 21
Martin is expecting to fly home to Winnipeg to convalesce at home - surrounded by his loving family. If he were 'Merican, he would be home in time for Thanksgiving…but the Canadians celebrated that ‘last’ month…

BUT…as you enjoy your Turkey-Day, if you bow your head to bless the food, please remember a guy who is still recovering…and ask the Lord to Bless him, too…Martin’s not a turkey, but he needs blessings, too!!!

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to All Y’all


Thanks for the update.

I am so happy he is recovering, he’s a good guy.