mass change after ePmP elevate

I see tools exist to preconfigure the Elevate firmware, but it doesnt always suit to do it that way

I did it as per the Elevate guide, now I have almost 40 clients (plus a couple of rogue units that have 'latched' on to our AP

Now I need to log on to all 40 clients individually and change passwords, SSID, security, add the CM mauestro IP Then I log into the AP and change SSSID , WPA password and the SM's are back (hopefully).

Downtime for the first client I log into and change will be tyoically 30-40 minutes.

What I am wondering is is there the equivalent of the UBNT AirControl 'mass change' function?

This would be really handy, even if I had to log on to each client and just addd the CN Maestro IP, the downtime would be significantly reduced.

It would also be useful if, in future, the installer password had to be changed, for example, or it was decided to implement a new MIR or QoS policy.

Anyone experience with doing this using the Device Template Configuration, and are there any known pitfalls?

It looksa bit 'messy', editing scripts means if I get a slight syntax problem it could be disasterous if I lose communication!

I'm nervous about trying it on devices that are over an hours drive away!

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Ok I think the only way to do it is via templates in CNMaestro.

I have downloaded a configured file from a SM on a different access point and compared this script with the donloaded script from an SM on the new AP that is still using th edefault 'CAM39-Tai....etc' WPA key and the Ā default AP code.

Comparing the two in a text comparison app, I can see the differences clearly, the additional script is as follows:

"systemConfigSWLockBit": "1", Ā (in the defaulted SM , this is set to "0" ) - is this relevant?

THe WPA key and AP ssid look clear enough:

"prefferedAPTable": [
"prefferedListTableEntrySSID": "NEW_AP_2",
"prefferedListTableEntryKEY": "1234567890",
"prefferedListTableSecurityMethod": "5"

Can IĀ just send this snippet (after checking the sysntax) via CNMaestro or do i need all the values?


systemConfigSWLockBit - specify your device is ETSI locked, so you should notĀ use it in configuration template.

Yes, you can use template with part of configuration you want to apply on each selected device.

Please try with one unit to make sure everithing works as expected.

Thank you.

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Ok I am replying to myself as it may help others - With Help from Hardik in Cambium support I got this to work

Save each step as a separate Template in CNMaestro configĀ 

Do each step separately, I found trying to combine SM and AP didn't work as a timeout occurred - Timeouts may occur if you combined all steps into one template and you risk losing access to the SM's

1. Set security on SMs to WPA2 and Open
2. Set security on AP to Open
3. Set WPA2 password on all SMs
4. Set security on AP to WPA2 with new password
5. Set security on SMs back to WPA2 only
6. Set preferred AP

Template for steps 1 & 2: (For AP and SM)
Name: Step 1 and 2
Description: SM- WPA2,Open and AP- Open

{ "device_props": {
"wirelessInterfaceEncryption": "1",
"wirelessSecurityMethod": "4"

Template for steps 3 & 4: (Also to set the SSID on AP and SM)
Name: Step 3 and 4
Description: SM- WPA password and AP- WPA, WPA password and SM/AP- SSID

{ "device_props": {
"wirelessInterfaceEncryption": "2",
"wirelessInterfaceSSID": "YourSSID",
"wirelessInterfaceEncryptionKey": "YourWPAkey"


Template for step 5: (Only for SM)
Name: Step 5
Description: SM- WPA2 only

{ "device_props": {
"wirelessSecurityMethod": "5"

Template to Step 6: (Only for SM)
Name: Step 6
Description: SM- Add prefered AP

"device_props": {
"prefferedAPTable": [
"prefferedListTableEntrySSID": "YourSSID",
"prefferedListTableEntryKEY": "YourWPAkey",
"prefferedListTableSecurityMethod": "5"

A tip - after first template is run , (which can take up to an hour if any devices fail) - leave out any SM's that fail from the template, and do them manually after each step - this greatly speeds up the process. 9 times out of 10 it's elevated XM radios that fail with the template config. (note the speling of "preffered" - although not correct thats the way it is in the radio, so watch any spellcheckers when editing)

Thanks Hardik, worked for me !