Mass deletion of Canopy Admin user or password change

After updating our canopy network there are hundreds of modules with a new account named Admin and no password on it. For the life of me I cannot find an easy way to get rid of this user. I can change the root password but cannot create or delete other users with Prizm. Any ideas?

I contacted Canopy support [ in the USA call 1 888-605-2552 ] and they ran me thru the procedure. It’s not that complicated, but it’s a bit much to try to explain in a post on the forum. You basically apply a security profile to the units that you want to change.

I would recommend calling Canopy support and they can step you thru the procedure.

I eventually figured it out. Back in Feb Moto support had no clue. We’re going to phase out Prizm. It’s not a good product at all. I’ve started monitoring our backhauls with the dude which is 100% free and it does a thousand things that prizm cannot do. And how much did we pay for that? :frowning:

I just started playing with The Dude, can you make mass radio changes through SNMP with The Dude?

the dude is more like whatsup…
What I like about Prizm is the security focusing…
When unprovisioned SM try to register, Prizm accepts it, but on a 64k service plan and quarantine vlan. So no one can do any harm to the network(no loops or snifers).
Obiusly Prizm generates alarms and notifications.