mass removal of sm's from Maestro

Any way to remove all sm's under default for example?

split system between two servers and now I have 200 plus sm's to remove,

one by one will take a while.

maybe start with new server so only active ones re-attach? then approve all?

But loses all history?

I figured it out, you just take a day off work and delete them one at a time until your carpel tunnel really kicks in,

On the tool bar on the left, click manage (the wrench), and then click on the group you'd like to manage, for instance click on "Default". On the dashboard for default look for the "Point to Multipoint" link that shows the total number of clients. Click on this number. It will then take you to an inventory page with all the clients under that group. You can then simply check the top most device and it will check all the devices in that group. Then press "Delete"... DONE!

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Are there any plans to be able to programmatically delete SMs from cnMaestro via the API, or maybe that functionality already exists?  Haven't seen anything in the 1.6.3 release documentation but I may have simply overlooked it.

We dont have device delete via API, but there is plan to add it.

We will keep you posted once we add this new API.


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We are now adding DELETE device api as part of 2.0.0 release :)