Massive fail on elevate devices after update to 4.4

After upgrading from cnmaestro to version 4.4 (from 3.5.6), the elevate version devices were disassociated to the AP. When going to the homes to review what the problem was, we realized that it is no longer possible to do any AP scan. They are about 100 devices. We are thinking of doing TFTP recovery, since it is not possible to solve it with reboot or with manual version update. Did the same thing happen to someone? It should be clarified that we did not consider reboot devices before cnmaestro updated. (thinking that the version 4.4 was deeply tested by the cambium team before taking it to production, which we see was not the case).

any tips or suggestion are welcome!

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Another observation All APs have a floating license (in my case with 120 subscribers). In all, the number of connected elevates is not more than 2


XM or XW devices? If XM, did you change the AP's from short interval to long interval after the upgrade? Configuration > Radio > "Scheduler" > Gaurd Interval

XM devices require the long guard interval.



Yep would check the guard interval, We ran into this when testing the betas 

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Ryan , and Jnovak, thanks for the tip, the problem was resolved!!!

I think it would be a good policy that by default comes in a long interval, so that if we don't have a mixed environment, we can change it later without any inconvenience. 


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