Massive MU-MIMO Field Experiences webinar

The replay of the Massive MU-MIMO field Experiences webinar is HERE. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

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Would have been cool to see the frame utilization side by side on those various graphs, i mean you guys say you believe the sectors still aren't maxed out the frame utilization should have shown that no?

I mean i have 450 sectors doing ~30-35mbit and haven't cracked 50-60% utilization and i know theirs customers with bad modulations hurting my efficiency, so i'd imagine there was a good bit of speed on the table, also would have been nice to see the break down on the 2 studies of client modulation, distance tells something but if 3/4th of the customers were in 16 or 64 qam would really show their was lost of bandwidth on the table as improvements are made getting them towards 256qam, not to mention seeing how the modulation break down changed from moving to mu-mimo. 

It's great to see a drop in replacement did so much to improve things, but i think a report with more details would have really  been great showing how modulation breakdown, speed, frame utilization, before and after the swaps.

As more and more customers are receiving their equipment, I would applaud anyone that can share this type of information from their own experience.  It would be more powerful coming from actual customers than just me.

The presentation shows that PMP 450m radio's  antennas  can be  either  90 or 120 degrees. How many would it take to cover one cluster and cover 360 degree? Is going to be 3 or 4, and how will they get position on the tower? 

The 450m can be deployed in either scenario.  It is preferred that it is deployed using 90 degree sectors (i.e. 4 sectors to cover 360 degrees) because then you can utilize the frequency re-use capabilities, further increasing the system spectral efficiency.  In a 3-sector deployment, there is no opportunity to re-use frequencies.

Any chance in near future to have a PMP 450m SM's under 100$ ?

At this time, there is no concept of a 450m SM.

The 450m is only an Access Point, which contains cnMedusa technology.  All of the processing capabilities, the algorithmic calculations, and "smarts" are contained in the Access Point so that we can continue to protect any investment in the 450 platform that have already been made.  The existing Subscriber Modules will continue to work in the Massive MU-MIMO system.