Matrix Switch - How to Change the Native VLAN on trunk port

Hey team,

checking to see if we can change the native vlan on a trunk port. 

On Cisco the command is simple: choose the interface, switchport trunk native vlan 100

 I need to migrate a site with two hops on native vlan 30. 

Thanks, all 



To change the pvid to vlan 2 on a trunk port gigabitethernet 0/3:

interface gigabit 0/3

switchport pvid 2

To see the pvid on a port:

show vlan port gigabitethernet 0/3


Thanks I'll give it a go. 

So you can do that and get a result like this,

# sh run int gi 0/2

interface gigabitethernet 0/2
no shutdown
switchport pvid 99
switchport mode trunk

But doing so will still keep VLAN99 tagged on interface.

# sh vlan id 99

VLAN Database
VLAN ID : 99
Member Ports : Gi0/1, Gi0/2, Gi0/3
Untagged Ports : None
Auto-Attach Ports : Gi0/3
Name : mgmt
Status : Static
Egress Ethertype : 0x8100

Also, when configuring Policy-Based-Automation Actions you cannot change the PVID if you are using the trunk port option.

Doing so will give you an error that states: "ERROR: Switch port mode of Trunk doesn't allow PVID update"

Are there any plans to change that behavior with future 3.0 releases?


On cnMatrix trunk port always egresses tagged, including pvid. To egress untagged for pvid, and tagged for other VLANs, you need to set port mode to hybrid, and make pvid untagged. Example:

# set port 9 to hybrid and pvid 100

interface giga 0/9

switchport mode hybrid

switchport pvid 100

# add port 9 as untag member of vlan 100

vlan 100

port add giga 0/9 untag giga 0/9