Max Backhaul Hops

We have a setup now where one of our main sites is fed with 10M Fiber, this then feeds a second site via OFDM, which serves a third site via OFDM, which serves a forth site via Point to point (20M). each of the four sites has a 900MHz AP Cluster. Customers connecter to the last AP cluster (actually one of the APs in the cluster) are complaining of slow speeds. Could we have too many Backhaul hops or should we concentrate our troubleshooting elsewhere?

Shouldn’t be an issue.

I assume you checked to ensure the 20Mbps link is operating at its max?

I’d bet you have other issues…

I would look for interference on that last BH hop and AP’s.

Possibly timing issues.

We may have found the issue - looks like it may be a faulty switch. We had the backhaul going through a switch and then to the CMM (the original reason for this escapes me at the moment). We eliminated this switch and it seems to have resolved the issue.

I noticed that running a ping test to the backhaul had no packet loss but to the switch showed approx 10% loss. I had a tech connect the backhaul direct to the CMM and speed tests are back where they should be. Thanks for all your comments/suggestions - I love this forum!

In case not everyone is aware of it - we found a great util for running tracert/ping tests - WinMTR - easy to use and like all great things in life - FREE!

Good to see you found the issue. :smiley: