Max client per AP

According to Data sheet One CAP can serve 200 or less CSM. Total aggregate Throughput of an AP is 7 Mbps Aggregate (CAP-120). I am confused if i have about 40 concurrent active users connected with the CAP. What will be the max throughput served per SM? IS it 7Mbps/40 or something else calculation method is implemented.


Yes one PMP 100 AP can server 200 SMs. A CAP 120 or “Classic” AP will be able to burst traffic if the burst bucket is not used. It will also depend on the configuration of your AP. For example, what will your Control slots, Downlink Data percentage, Max range of customers be? And a secondary dependency is what type of traffic is on your Network. Meaning is it UDP traffic or is it TCP traffic. TCP traffic will have more overhead to worry about but it will also back-off its throughput if congested. If you leave the default values in the AP, then you will be giving your SMs 75% of 7Mbps. So you will roughly be giving your SMs ~5 Mbps of Download throughput and ~2Mbps of uplink throughput.

Yes your 40 active users will have to share the bandwidth with each other, but I have not seen where all users or in your case all 40 users are using all 5Mbps at once, saturating the “RF pipe” in downloads. It would also depend on what your business model is for an “over-subscription” rate you are comfortable in using in your WISP. Most traffic is “bursty” in nature and will not be consistent for long periods of time.

We do have Excel spreadsheets that will allow you to do Capacity planning depending some of the variables I mention above. You can get this capacity planning tool here:

Thank you for the reply Corey.

This means the maximum traffic we may see in the lan interface of an AP (CAP-120 Classic AP) is 5 / 2 Mbps, if we apply default 75 % value to Downlink Data.

If above fact is true, in case, if we use Advantage AP (CAP 130) that support 2X data rate adapt. Will it provide 10/4 Mbps traffic in lan interface of AP in the same configuration.