Max Range with 5.7Ghz (5700) SM

I need to go out 25-30 miles … is there anyway to accomplish this with the 5700SM? I think the dish is only rated for 10 miles … is that correct?


Successful link at 20mi using an Advanced Antenna WARM32.

5750AP using internal antenna at 3450’, clear LOS, no ground clutter.

Link was was pretty close to the edge, but I think there may have been another 3dB in there which would get you to 30 miles.

I have a 14.25mi. link to one of our customers (clear LOS in a hilly area) using a 27RD Canopy reflector w/ 79dBm pwr., jitter 2-4, and a 100% link test. However I’ve got a WARM-32R in the shop that I am itching to deploy. :wink:

On another thread ( … hp?p=19201) … folks discussed the 27RD vs. the grids. They said the 27RD is better because the grids have poor front-to-back isolation compared to a solid reflector.

Anyone else compare these – it would be great to get add’l comments.

I had a setup with a rd27 and had issues with it, could only get about -76 db signal level and dropped signal all the time. I replaced the dish with the warm 32 and now sitting at -68 db signal. Solid signal now and no drops since installing it. I have also used the warm 18 at another location that had a stinger and I gained ab -4db signal at that site.

Also have used the grid from pac wireless, replaced a site that had a stinger(getting about -77db signal) with a pac wireless 26 db gain grid and only went to about -74db signal. Have since replaced that with a ptp400 link, due to bandwidth needs.

Just my two cents worth. For me the grids from advanced have been great…