Max Registrations Allowed: Additional Information

Parameter Description

Based on sector/network planning and SM service level implementations, the Max Registrations Allowed parameter allows the operator to set the maximum number of SMs that are allowed to register/complete network entry.


Upper Limits per Channel Bandwidth

The maximum setting of the Max Registration Allowed parameter for each channel bandwidth is as follows:

20/40 MHz : 120 subscribers
10 MHz : 60 subscribers
5 MHz: 30 subscribers

Parameter Dependencies
The maximum registrations allowed depends on the channel bandwidth of the configured operating frequency which can be the primary Frequency Carrier or one of the Alternate Frequency Carriers.

For DFS regions, the maximum number of SMs are limited based on the channel bandwidth of the current operating channel, i.e. Frequency Carrier, Alternate Frequency Carrier 1 or Alternate Frequency Carrier 2.