" Maximizing PMP 450 Network Performance Webinar"

The "Maximizing PMP 450 Network Performance" webinar took place last night. What time will be posted on the forum? Thanks 

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HI - I am working on getting the recording now, and will have it up soon.


Thanks Ray 

Hi, has this recording been posted?

I'd like to suggest creating a link on the main community page that links to webinars; where we can find them all in one place... if this isn't already the case. If it is, where can I find that link?



Here is a link to Cambium's webinar archive; not sure if this includes all webinars but does have a good amount:


Just a heads up,   I have yet to see this webinar on your Youtube page.

I am interested in this webinar replay as well.

WE are rescheduling this for May.

Do you know when you are going to redo the webinar?  I haven't seen it posted yet.