Maximum 450m Bandwidth

Hello all,

We have 3 450m Aps installed and all seem to be maxing out around 80-85 mbps. One has 60 subs, another has 93 subs, and the other has 107 subs. I was looking to see if anyone has seen better performance out of these? Let me know any more details I can provide.

Max range is 14 Miles

Downlink Data Rate is 85 percent

6 Contention Slots

The only 450m I have which is moving significantly more traffic than that is one which has 120+ subs, and that one breaks over the 100 Mbps mark regularly on my MRTG graph (so 5 minute averages). Watching traffic in real-time, I've seen spikes over 120 Mbps

Incidentally, graphed numbers that high had previously only been visible on the router port graphs, because the earlier f/w versions did not actually offer the SNMP v2c 64-bit counters, so my AP traffic graph was getting the top cut off. The new 15.1 f/w does support 64-bit counters, so my graphs are now reflecting much more accurate numbers.

What range and contention slots are you running? All 3 of our medusas seem to have hit about the 85mbps mark, but have not gone over that. From our graphs it does not appear to be maxing out, but we get complaints of subs dropping well below 3mbps. When the calls come in, the signals are the same as well as link status tests. During non "peak" hours things seem to operate normally, although our Medusa is doing no where near the 80mbps limit. Our graphs are a 5 min average as well.


I'm running at 15 miles max range (farthest SM is less than 9 miles, though), 6 contention slots. That Cacti graph, though, if you're running any final release build below 15.1, is not accurate above 80 Mbps because of the counter issue I mentioned - even with the correct OID, and the SNMP type set to v2c, the  counters were not reporting accurately.

You can see in my weekly graph how the switch to 15.1 fixed the graphing issue.

My usage graphs generally don't show any serious decreases below the 6 pm traffic level until after 10 pm, and your graph does, so I'm a little dubious about the accuracy of that graph. Do you have any other Cacti graphs for the router or switch port during that same period? Have you considered putting the AP on 15.1?



Medusa Switch.png

This is from the switch port that this medusa is plugged into.

The dips in traffic between 6:30 and 7:00 and right around 9:00 are uncharacteristic for what I typically see across all APs in the evening, so how certain are you that Cacti is actually using 64-bit counters for the switch port? 

Do you have the Canopy GUI Enhancer for Chrome? It can display a graph of the AP's Ethernet Port in real-time, and if you looke d at it around 6:45 or 9:00, i'd be willing to bet you'd see spikes well above 85 Mbps. Heck, it's only 3:30 pm here, and I'm seeing traffic spikes up to nearly 70 Mbps right now!

Ours currently are about 30Mbps. Using the chrome extension. (Thanks for the tool) Didnt know that even existed. All of our graphs are using the 64-bit counters.