Maximum CAT5e length for powering and sync for 450M (Using fiber for data)

Hi there,

I'm looking for the "official" Cambum response to my question.  We want to power and sync Medusa to 550'.  Can we do this with a CMM5 reliably and fiber for data.  Can I power 4 Medusa on a single CMM5?


Hi Andreas,

thanks for your enquiry. We are currently working on developing a specification for the maximum cable length in the case where fiber is used to transport the data to the Medusa AP. A distance of 550 feet is challenging, but may be possible if a high quality, low resistance RJ-45 cable is used in the installation. We are looking at the available options and we expect to be able to provide further details later this month.

The CMM5 does have the capability to power four Medusa APs from a single 56V injector. This would require the use of a power supply capable of supplying at least 400W; Cambium Networks recommends the model N000000L101A CMM5 600W Power Supply for this purpose.

any updates on this.  Just realized that 450m 5GHz doesn't have dc inputs on the radio.