Maximum longitude for mesh

How many meters are aceptable for a mesh link between two e500 or one e500 to e600. Please. Thank you in advance.

It really depends on a lot of factors. Which band are you using 2.4 or 5ghz for mesh? What are the regulatory power limits for either band? If you use 5GHz, do you have further regulatory limits when using DFS channels? Are there any obstructions between the radios? Are there other WiFi AP’s that are between/around them possibly causing interference? Are you going to be using 20MHz, 40MHz, or larger (if 5GHz) channel width? Do you want longer distances but with less speed… or more speed but shorter distance? There are too many unknowns and not enough information provided to give you any sort of meaningful estimate.


Well I’m going to use 5GHz 40MHz channel width. I want an estimate distance, without physical interference. For now, there’s no regulatory limitations. In Cambium networks datasheet says 3KM for mesh, but I think that’s no real or is it? Assuming that the regular coverage for this radios is 200 meters in my experience.

Please find the range test reports.
We have tested outdoor Range VS throughput scenarios near highway roads (Lots of interference due to vehicle movement and other physical interference ( Trees and Houses etc).

AP Tx Power: 28 dBm
5Ghz , 80Mhz

Hello sir, can u help me to predict throughput mesh link if I plan this scenario :
AP 1 -------------------AP 2--------------------------AP 3

  1. AP 2 will use as MESH BASE & AP 1 AP 3 as MESH CLIENT
  2. Distance between AP about 50 m
  3. We will use Channel Bandwidth 20 Mhz (regulation in my country Indonesia)

and if u have some tips, Please give me recommendation for optimizing these link. Thanks before


Key Performance Matrices to remember when deploying multi-hop:

  • Every hop in mesh reduces performance by half.

  • If you are using same band radio for wireless stations and mesh, latency of network increases.


  • Use one radio for mesh link and other radio for wireless stations.

  • Please ensure you have RSSI of -70dBm between devices for better performance.