Maximum number of end points per cnReach Access Point

cnReach supports both PTP and PMP modes.  The number of end points will vary from application to application but the values below can be helpful in providing guidance:

  1. What is the theoretical maximum number of end points on a cnReach access point?
    1. The theoretical limit based on addressing scheme is 4,096.
  2. What is the maximum number of end points per cnReach AP achieved in a real-world deployment?
    1. The current maximum deployment in 900 MHz unlicensed spectrum is 260 end points to a single access point.
  3. What is the recommended maximum number of end points per cnReach AP?
    1. Cambium recommends 50-70 end points per access point in a 900 MHz unlicensed spectrum deployment depending on polling cycle times, message sizes and achievable modulations.
    2. In licensed spectrum this number will vary even more because of the limited capacity available in very narrow channel sizes.