Maximum Throughput Capabilities

Currently our sales staff is selling a speed package of 12Mbit / 2 Mbit !

I have tried to convince people that the Canopy equipment is not Capable of the 12 Mbps speeds being offered

Please correct me if I am wrong and explain how I could achieve these speeds with an already well established network.
I remember reading that the maximum canopy equipment was 10Mbps…

Our current setup on the majority of our APs is 70% Downlink with 2x enabled
Even with advantage licenses on the SMs I still have only seen around 8-9 Mbps down and ~2-4 Mbps Up

Thanks for all the help (in advance)

Assuming that you’re using 5.7 an Advantage AP is capable of 14Mbit aggregate. If you have an Adv. SM w/ the AP set to 70% then a link test should be close to 10Mbit down & 4Mbit up. You’d have to use an ~85% downlink % (which I think is max when range is >5mi.) to come close to seeing 12Mbit downstream. You might be able to get away with a sustained 10Mbit and wide open burst for those that want to camp on speedtest sites.

Canopy 400 (OFDM) will do up to 21Mbit aggregate under the right conditions.