Maximum Wireless Speed

Whats the fastest wireless speed someone has been able to push over the R201? I have a couple deployed on a 500mbps connection and the best I could do was 196mbps down and 180mbps up on a 5Ghz channel set to its widest channel possible. I didn't have time to change channels to see if other gave me better performance. Wired into the router I was able to get over 400mbps consistently. The 2.4 ssid yielded about 100mbps on a 40mhz channel.

Just wanted to check in to see if someone was getting higher consistently that makes it worth while to tweak any more.


Hi Chris,

Are these throughput numbers measured with TCP traffic and  11AC 2x2 wifi client in the  OTA home environment scenarios ??  What is the range in between AP and client ??



May laptop was sitting next the router itself. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, I know its supports AC and I assume its 2x2. The hardwired speed test was also going through the Surface Pro 3 using a usb nic. Speed was measured through speed test sites. I expect the devices will be in the same room as the router.

I was just curious if this was the max the wireless could handle or if its worth trying to change wireless channels to see if it can get any better through the router.

Anandtech's 2014 review states the Surface Pro 3 has a 2x2 adapter; however they were only able to get ~260Mbps of UDP throughput with a link rate of 866Mbps:

So you are likely hitting the limits of what the Surface Pro 3's wireless adapter is capable of.

Thanks for that info. That helps me out quite a bit.