MCS 15?

Should this subscriber be modulated at MCS 15 based on these stats?

UL RSSI: -69
Estimated DL RSSI: -57
UL SNR: 17
DL SNR: 30
UL MCS Mode: 9
DL MCS Mode: 12/13

Is there something keeping it from fully modulating?


Ecellent question!

We would recommend that you run the Spectrum Analyzer on your operating frequency that you are running. This way you can find out the interference level and calculate the CINR. For example, if the interference is -77 and your DL RSSI is -57 then the CINR is 20. [e.g. -57 - (-77)] So from using the ePMP Link budget calculator tool for Excel (See ), this would be approximately MCS 12. Our CINR calculation does not take into account interference.

A follow-up question would be if you are using frequency re-use or not. If you are NOT using frequency re-use, you can reduce the Transmit Receive Power Level to -55 or -50. If you are using frequency re-use, then you should set the Transmit Receive Power Level to -60.

Is there an option for locking the MCS rate, or even changing it?


With the current software there is no way to lock it.