Medusa Error "Region code not configured"

We bought 2 Medusa 5 Ghz radios.  We started to set up one of them.  It would give us an error that the region was not set.  So we would put in North America and United States, Save and Reboot.  It would not save it.  We could not resolve the error.

So we sent it back and started using the other one.  We had no problems setting it up in the shop. It was fine until it was 80ft up the tower and mounted.  Now it started doing the same.

I thought that those settings were locked in from the factory.

Is there any way to fix it remotely?  Or will we need to take this one down and send it back too?

Here is a screen shot of the Radio. right click and open in new tab to see full size

I have not seen this before.  Please open a support ticket.  We will need additional information to troubleshoot.

In the meantime, I will highlight to engineering to see if they can determine a cause, fix or workaround.