medusa stops passing traffic

We've seen this now multiple times in the last few days but up until now, this AP has been problem free for at least six months.  There is nothing in the logs, like literally nothing, but all of a sudden traffic stops passing through the AP and even via the AP's proxy we cannot access SMs.  SNMP shows the uplink is maxed out (attached).  By trial and error we can "fix" the issue by running a link test with multiple VCs or rebooting the AP.  FWIW, this AP does have a SFP ethernet port actively in use.  This is all around very weird and only happening on one AP on one tower and we're at a loss for next steps.  Has anyone see this before and know what to check for or do?  The AP and SMs are running 15.1.3.  30MHz channel.  5.8xGHz channel.


Sorry your having problems,

Next time it happens can you collect some diagnostics from the AP for us to look at.


you can send them to me:

In the mean time please open a support ticket to help us record the problem and solution for other users

(hopefully they would tell you to collect the same diags) and reference this post.

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