memory leak

I've had a longstanding problem on my workstation.  Chrome web browser kept eating up all available system memory.  Now running a new workstation, with 16GB RAM, running Ubuntu 17.10 now, testing both Chrome and Chromium browser.  

And I finally found the trigger for the problem...  ePMP.

I can open Chrome with a single tab, hit "shift-esc" to open Chrome's task manager, and watch the memory usage of the main 'Browser' task climb whenever an ePMP login is open in any tab of the browser.  I can leave it logged in for days to PMP450s, auto-refreshed monitoring dashboards, cnMaestro, two webmail logins, cambium forum, and (literally) a dozen more tabs active, and memory usage doesn't change appreciably.  But log into one ePMP and it manages to consume my entire 16GB within hours.  Worse, the memory so consumed does NOT get released when the tab is closed, only when all Chrome/Chromium tasks are killed.

Same applies to Chrome and Chromium, under multiple versions of Ubuntu, but does NOT seem to impact Windows Chrome.

Now I know some will argue this is a problem for Linux Chrome dev team to find and fix.  But seriously, it ONLY happens with ePMP, and it literally eats 16GB of RAM in just a few hours...

Right now with 23 tabs open the main Browser task is using 140MB of RAM.  Stable.  Open an ePMP tab and it starts at 143MB, then 5 minutes later it's already more than 1.4GB.  Speed of the increase varies, seems having throughput graph open eats it fastest. (around 8MB per second)  This leads me to speculation that something about the JS handling of the refreshed status/settings data is where/why this is happening.

I've tried various firmware versions from 2.6.1 to 3.5.1 and all seem to suffer the same losses.

I'm really hoping that someone at Cambium can look into this, hopefully finding and fixing whatever characteristic of the ePMP JS/data is leading to it.


Hello Joel,

We already are working on fix for that issue.
Thank you for your input.

Thank you.

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