Mesh Base - Detect Backhaul feature (working?)


Hope someone can advise please.

I have just deployed a 13 node mesh setup across a holiday park - there are 4 egress mesh bases as follows:

AP1 ( Fibre fed via media converter into eth1)

AP9,11,13 (Backhaul via PMP200) into eth2.

The plan was that AP9,11,13 would make use of both mesh base and mesh client with the auto detect backhaul feature so that in the case a dedicated backhaul goes down, the access point can at least carry on in the mesh by joining as a client.

However, all thats happening is that the Mesh base doesnt detect backhaul, joins as a client but still bridges the working backhaul resulting in a massive network loop.    Im running 3.5-r1 on all devices.

As a temporary fix I have removed mesh client from all all my backhauled mesh base but thats the setup I wont to stay with.  

I appreciate I am more than likely doing something wrong but any pointers on how to get this working would be really appreciated as im feeling rather down about the performance of my first Cambium installation.

Could you please share the network diagram.