Mesh feature FAQs

Mesh feature is available for range extension and repeater functionality and can be configured from WLAN configuartion .

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers which can be helpful for queries.

Mesh FAQ:

  • Can we change remote wifi password through cnMaestro?

   Ans. Yes, can be done from template based config change. Always do it first for Mesh Clients and then for   Mesh  base.

  • Auto meshing between closest base if they all have the same SSID or do they have to be hard set to a specific base?

   Ans. It is always Auto meshing to the closest AP and derived based on signal strength when they have same SSID.   All mesh clients will be associated to nearest Base.

  • Can I have multiple SSID in Radio along with Mesh ID?

  Ans. Yes other SSIDs can be configured along with one mesh SSID (base/client) in same radio. For dual radio products like E400/E500 it is recommended that one radio (5gHz) shall be used for Mesh backhaul and 2.4 Ghz radio can be used for access giving client connectivity. this provides a better utilization of bandwidth from both radios.

  • Mesh base can only support 5 clients, is that number of meshed AP or actually clients connected to the wifi? 

   Ans. This is meshed AP number. Number of actual clients which will be connected to Mesh links is as in a normal WLAN capacity.

  • What happens to the 6th mesh clients do they bounce to another AP or base?

   Ans. If Mesh bases is already having 5 mesh clients connected then 6th mesh clients will be denied of association. They can bounce to any other base, if available with same SSID.

  • Are there any options to switch the meshed ap to a different base remotely if the base goes down or if there is one with a better signal?

   Ans. If mesh base goes down and a redundant base is available nearby with same capabilities, then all mesh clients will go for that.

  • What is the good distance which can be extended using one mesh link?

    Ans. For outdoor Access points like E500 and Hotspot, 200-220 meters’ extension is achievable.

  • Can I use multi hop of mesh and create multiple link using single backhaul?

   Ans. This is going to be available in our immediate next software release.

  • After enabling mesh on one frequency say 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, can I still use this frequency for client connection?

   Ans. Yes it is available for other SSID on same frequency. say you created mesh link on 5ghz

  On WLAN1, after that you can create SSIDs on other WLANS and use normal clients. Please note that overall bandwidth will be shared even with mesh clients and hence throughput will be a bit lower than a normal profile.

  • Is there any recommended VLAN configuration for Mesh deployments?

  Ans. if native vlan on Ethernet port is set to other than 1 (for example it is vlan 100) then same vlan shall be given  in mesh base profile and mesh clients configuration else management of mesh clients will not be accessible from host behind mesh base.

  • How do I know about my mesh clients connected to base?

  All mesh clients will be displayed in Dashboard under mesh clients: