Mesh network for seamless roaming


Is it possible to use cnpilot e400 and cnpilot e600 to create a good mesh network to roam throughout two stories (small size) with seamless switching between both APs.


It is just work. Not need to set anythink like in Unify or Mikrotik

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Yes, Our CnPilot devices will work as MESH network without any hiccups as long as they are deployed in a correct environment.
In case of a two stories the MESH network depends on the thickness of walls which stops the Wi-Fi radio signals reaching from AP to AP if deployed inside the building.

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Thank you for the response.
Is it possible to create a mesh network through a wired network in the case of poor Wi-Fi penetration between both floors?

Yes , the wired mesh is also possible and might be the best solution to extend the network to top floor.
The only thing you need is Ethernet cable long enough to reach the second AP in the other floor of the building. You can extend the Network from Eth-2 port of the e600 AP to the e400 AP with a power adaptor in between and enable 11r (roaming) in the WLANs.

In case of MESH setup, i have a suggestion,

You can establish a MESH connection using 2.4Ghz radio in the e600 and e400 access points since 2.4Gig radio will cover more distance compared to 5GHz radio, Our access points provide power up to 24 dB enough to penetrate through walls to an extent with channel widths up to 40MHz.

If you can provide the information of the Infrastructure of the Building i.e. Thickness of the Walls, distance where you intend to place the access points we might be able to provide a Perfect Solution to deploy the required Network.

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Thank you so much Gorrela. Sorry for the delay in my reply. I record measurements and marked all in a copy of the house plan (attached herewith). Please make note that the normal wall thickness is 12 inches downstairs.

my e600 and both e410 are connected to the ISP-provided router with CAT6 cables. This router has gigabit ethernet ports. All 3 devices are ceiling mounted.

Currently, I have connected all three Cambiums to cnMaestro and created the same SSID in each device.

That’s all that I have done so far. I saw the “Enable active disconnection of clients with weak signal” option in the Radio menu item and the ability to switch on the “Mesh” with Client/Bass/Recovery options in the WLAN menu item. I kept them unchanged in the defaults as I could not find them in the settings of the cnMaestro.

Hope you will help me set up my devices and to optimise the performances.

Thank you once again.

Thank you for replying. Me and my team will get back to you as soon as possible with best solution.

But a small confusion here, at starting you have mentioned e400 but in the latest reply it was mentioned e410. If you could tell me which one exactly it will be very helpful.

Because the e400 has different performance than e600 which is slightly odd combination and e410 device is just as same as e600 which is much better combination.

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Dear Gorrela,

Sorry for the confusion. My reseller gave a quotation for one e600 and 2 e400 at first. But I was delivered 2 e410 with one e600 ! :smile: So, I end up with e410 model.

Thak you

Thank you for the update, will get back to you soon with Suitable solution.

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