Mesh / WiFi AP

I will like to see Cambium coming up with a Mesh and WiFi AP... ASAP, this will allow WISP to offer new services to their customers..


A feature rich controller would be great to go along with this. Features such as dynamic handover and load balancing between multiple AP’s is sorely missing in many WiFi AP’s on the market.

Hi.  I'm not sure how to 'vote' or 'kudo' this, but a +1 from me. :)

We have about 2,000 CPE's in the field, across about 100 sectors.  The idea of trying to upgrade all those is daunting enough, without the ability to flip the AP into WiFi mode if needed.  I can just see the situation where someone's ePMP doesn't get the command to go from WiFi mode to ePMP mode... or that someone has gone away for the weekend and turned their CPE off and doens't get the command... or I can see a situation where trying to co-ordinate the tower climber and the weather to do the AP switch on just the right day will be difficult to accommodate.

I do understand that you've deliberately removed all the WiFi driver from the AP on purpose - and that is  THE reason why we are wanting to migrate to ePMP - but we need to have a Migration plan and it seems 10x more complicated (and 10x more emergency truck rolls) if we don't have the ability to flip the AP into WiFi mode if needed.


I have another thread where I posted a response on our forum for a way to enable AP wifi via CLI. We are also going to release AP WiFi support in 4 to 6 weeks in an official load.

by chance did 10 mhz standard wifi mode make this cut???    i'm itching to throw all of these rockets down, like tomorrow!  of course we are doing it anyways, would just be a lot faster with that little change :)