MIB File Update

encryptionMode OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
"Variable to enable/disable encryption."

I pulled this from the 450 AP MIB file 15.0.2. Trying to update all the encryption settings on my APs. The OID is no longer an On/Off selection. In the 450s it's 0,1,2 so we're losing an encryption setting here that I can't push out. Is there any way to find the correct OID to change the Airlink Security Encryption Setting? Will this just be something we'll have to wait for a new software release to be able to take advantage of?

On the AP you should be able to use "encryptionMode" in whispApsConfig to enable or disable encryption, then use "encryptionConfig" in whispBoxConfig to choose between DES (0) or AES (1) encryption. Please note that "encryptionConfig" will return an error if you haven't already enabled encryption via "encryptionMode" first.

On the SM side, you can choose between AES or DES using "encryptionConfig" in whispBoxConfig.

Hope that helps!


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That does help out a lot. I'm trouble figuring out a logical progression to OIDs. Is there an official resource I can reference instead of posting on the forums when trying to track down a specific setting or is there a layout somewhere that can explain the logical order of the MIB files? Currently all I can do is randomly search words in general MIB files and attempt to make a change to see if that's what I want. I would like this process to go much faster and any help would be really appreciated. Side note: I did find this link here that mentions airlink encryption.


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There are some Management Information Base (MIB) browser applications allowing one to perform OID reads/writes. The best-known is iReasoning MIB Browser Personal Edition (free). It works most effectively with SNMP Version 2 OIDs. The most recent is Version 11.0. Here's the link:

After reading the software license agreement, click "I Accept" at the bottom. Then download the file that matches your PC type. Double click the file to install.

Once up-and-running the key items it needs are the IP Address and loading of the MIB files. The free edition allows 10 MIB files maximum. Loading/unloading is performed in File > Load MIBs and File > Unload MIBs.

Under Options > Default Values you may need to provide passwords for Agent Read Community (string) and Agent Write Community (string).

There are help utilities in Help > User Guide. This should get you up-and-running.