Migrate e410 to new firewall/VLAN

Hi Community Members,

Currently I have around 60 cnPilot e410 which are connected to a firewall on default VLAN1. All APs are spread on a large area on site. All APs have been configured with static IPs.

We are migrating to new firewall where we have different VLANs for guests, laptops, BYOD, etc. All configuration has been done and successfully working on CISCO 9500 Core Switch and Fortigate 301e, but having issue to migrate the APs.

How do I migrate the APs(currently in an AP group) over to the new firewall which doesn’t have default VLAN1, all APs should be moved to VLAN 190 on the new firewall. Once I remove and connect the AP to new switch, I lose access, even if I remove static IP and enable DHCP. It won’t lease an IP since there is no VLAN 1. And it’s not possible to spend a lot of time to configure each AP individually.

So would be thankful if anyone provide me some guidance if have gone through same scenario.

Thank you in advance.


HI !
First of all you must set Network.
Look at the screen

Than you must switch WLAN opertions via new VLAN like this

Please check and give feedback :wink:

Hi muhammadzia
From your explanation, the requirement is to have multiple WLAN-VLANs for guests, laptops, BYOD, etc.

Please create multiple WLAN and map the required VLAN to the WLAN
Create a AP group and map all the WLAN to the AP group.
Create a network configuration to allow all the VLAN’s in the uplink port of the AP

Map one AP to this AP group and make sure AP is working fine.
Once you have one AP working, map all other AP’s to the AP group.


Thank you for your response.

I guess I am not able to explain my issue properly. My site is already live, with all Cambium EX2020P’s and e410s on VLAN1 connected to a Fortigate.

We have configured new CISCO core switch and Fortigate with different VLANs. There is no VLAN 1 in that configuration any more. I have separate WLANs for the new setup which have been configured and mapped in cnMaestro. Now I am stuck with physically migrating the setup.

Let’s say I push new configuration to the EX2028P, this will result in all AP’s to go offline, and won’t be able to push the AP configuration.

Other way around if I push AP configuration 1st, it wouldn’t get completed as switch will not allow those VLANs.

I hope I am a bit more clear now.


Hi Muhammad ,
You can make use of Policy based automation feature in available cnMatrix Release 2.1.0 and cnPilot 4.1-r3 release. Please send a test email on this address anv100@cambiumnetworks.com.