Migrate from 1.63 to 2.1

I am having a lot of difficulty migrating to 2.1 as I am unable to get a good backup exported.

Alternately a backup will keep genrating until I run out of disk space (backup >45GB) or it will stop and declare itself complete at ~5GB.

In the case of the 5GB backup, I get a failure due to a corrupt tgz file.

In the case of the 45GB backup I get failure to complete backup...

In both cases, cnMaestro crashes during backup and I have to restart the cnmaestro-server process to get it back online.

My mogodb is ~25GB, i have tried various actions on it to reduce the size but that is as small as it gets. Given that the UI only provides visibility for 7 days data, I don't understand why the DB keeps all the datapoints without a TTL.

Has anyone else found this issue / figured out a workaround?

I'd actually be quite happy to drop all data to get the benefits of 2.1 (scheduled upgrades!) but don't want to have to completely rebuild my config from scratch.


i have sent a private message, could you please respond

Hi Anish,

I can't respond as apparently I have exceeded the number of PMs I am allowed to send!


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