Migrating External E2E Controller running OVA Version less than 1.1.0-r4 to 1.1.0-r4

This article explains upgrading External E2E Controller running OVA version less than 1.1.0-r4 to 1.1.0-r4 OVA and then to latest Package.

Do I need to take action?

This article is for customers who are already running 60 GHz cnWave E2E On-Premises Controller OVA version less than 1.1.0-r4.

Why is this important?

cnMaestro team has made some critical fixes in the External E2E Controller On-Premises(OVA) so user should upgrade to latest.

What needs to be done?

Download the latest cnMaestro and E2E controller Software Package and OVA from the support site (.tar.gz and .ova)

How long should this take?

Approximately 30-60 mins after you have downloaded the packages

What do I need to do?

Installing New E2E On-Premises OVA and migrating from existing External Controller.


cnMaestro should be minimum of 3.1.0 in order to perform this operation.

Begin with upgrade steps:

Please follow below steps to install new E2E Controller On-Premises OVA

STEP 1 :
• Login into cnMaestro which has the existing External Controller connected and navigate to E2E Network > Tools > Operations > System Backup and Restore

• Under Backup, click on Download button, backup configuration of External E2E Controller will be downloaded with .tar.gz format

STEP 2 :
Shutdown the old E2E Controller OVA running version less than 1.1.0-r# so that we can assign the same IPv6 address and gateway to the new E2E Controller

STEP 3 :
• Install new E2E Controller OVA 1.1.0-r4 in VM. Refer 60 GHz cnWave E2E Controller User Guide

• Assign the old IPv6 address and gateway from E2E Controller Terminal UI or during the initial approval page or E2E Network > Configuration > E2E Controller page once onboarded.

NOTE : Cambium strongly recommend to configure old E2E Network IPv6 address in the new one.

CAUTION : If new IPv6 address is configured, user needs to change the PoP configuration manually on both device GUI and cnMaestro configuration page for it to be onboarded

STEP 4 :
• In newly onboarded E2E Network, navigate to E2E Network > Tools > Operations > System Backup and Restore, click on “Select File” button to select Backup file which is already downloaded from existing E2E Network.

• Restore Options window pops up, Select Yes on this option “Are you trying to restore with an existing E2E Network which was managed on this server?” if existing E2E Network was onboarded in cnMaestro

• Select the existing network from the list from where the backup was taken

NOTE : User should select only E2E network which is offline, if Online E2E network is selected, cnMaestro pops up error

• Click on Apply button to start the Restore process of Old E2E controller configuration

• User can monitor the status of Restore process and Success notification will appear once the restore is successful

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)

How will I know if my upgrade is successful?

The External E2E Controller Network name should match the Old name and the version of External Controller in E2E Network > Tools > Operations page should be 1.1.0-r4 as shown in below image

Package update to latest 1.2.2-r3:

Click here for update instructions.