Migrating from old 2.4GHz to 5GHz ePMP1000

Working well with ITelite SECTOR-XL 2.4/5dual band_2xdual H&V sector antenna on cell tower.


Curious why you're using an M2 instead of ePMP for 2.4. ALSO, how you planning on sealing up all those RF connectors?

Let us know how your deployment with the ITElite antennas go. There's been a lot of mixed feedback on ITElite dual/band antennas.

For RF connector sealing we always  using hand moldable rubber with 3M Scotch all-weather insulation tape. Rocket M2 using because a lot of ubnt M2's  clients  in area - this ITelite sector is replacment for UBNT Airmax 2.4 sector antenna on cell tower. ITelite perform good for us, but it have very bad F/B ratio and  strange difference on electrical tilt between 2.4 and 5GHz chains.

We have purchased the KPP dual band antennas.  Installation to follow in the spirng.

We bought an ITelite and it seems very flimsy.

He is migrating current M2 users to the EPMP 5GHz.

Yes, ITelite is very light antennas without any heavy shielding.