MikoTik Router Board/Power Router

We have one Canopy tower off by itself and as we load customers we am getting speed and poor VoIP service complaints. We are only at 15 customers today but could grow to 200+.

I have heard that a few of you believe that a MikroTik router at the site would help with prioritising VoIP traffic and limiting P2P traffic.

My question is which product, it looks to me like the RB 493AH, RB/1000U or the PowerRouter 732.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dave
I’m sure RB450G is enough for your application.


do you have hi priority set on the sm and ap’s to help prioritise voip traffic?

I have high priority set on the SM’s that are VoIP customers, I give them 80 kbps in both directions. I have also turned off prioritize TCP acknowledge on the AP. I am unaware there is a high priority setting at the AP.

DSCP needs to be configured on BH’s, AP’s and SM’s. As your network grows and VOIP becomes more of a demand, you also may need to consider a bandwidth management device to optimize the delivery of the VOIP services.

yes DSCP needs to be set on all devices through the network. including any routers the traffic passes through. not just sm, ap’s, and bh’s.

Yes, we have set Diff Serve Code Point 46 to 6 on all devices, but do not own the back haul to the site, it is from a cable company.

That is one of the reasons I am looking at the MikroTik, to at least get priority to VoIP within the site.

how much latency do you have from behind an sm out to the voip provider (ie. Vonage)

I can only do basic ping tests from a switch there to the VoIP gateway (our wholesaler).

Just did 5 tests of 20 pings with a 1 second timeout and all had 20/20 pings with an average of 24-27 msec rseponse time. That seems OK to me.

to test voip quality, you need to send 50 172 byte packets simultaneously in both directions. that’s for each call.

Did the ping tests as you suggested and had a 20-30 msec response time. That seems to me.

thats more than good. but you say you only have 15 customers connected to the ap/ap’s and you getting poor speed performance? have you checked to see if the ap/sm/bh’s have any ethernet errors on them to see if maybe its from something else in the network causing the issue. Becuase we have over 65 people on 900mhz ap nearly half using vonage and we rarely get complaints about voip issues much less speed issues.

What are your QOS sustained/burst settings for these ~15 customers? What is the AP outdiscards ratio to the amount of outoctets?

Yes, I have checked for ethernet errors and don’t see anything there.

Q0S settings are:

Sustained Uplink = 500
Sustained Downlink = 1000
Uplink Burst = 5000
Downlink Burst = 100000

Hi Priority set at 80k each way for VoIP customers (only 2).

Ratio of AP Outdiscards/Outoctets in percent is 0.3%.
This is interesting, I always thought Outdiscards was packets, not octets and thus looked at the ratio to packets.

I also took a peek at Data VC and see that one user has a very high value of inbound (to AP) non-unicast packets, over 7 times the number of unicast packets. (It is 4.2 M packets in just over 2 days.) Would this mean anything?

I did some testing from an SM yesterday and at the time I tested speedtests looked OK at 3.5-4.5 M down and 800k up.