Mikrotik Dude and ePMP SNMP MIBs not detecting or using ePMP MIBs

Hi, trying to use Mikrotik Dude to monitor the ePMP 1000 series CPE devices.  Added the ePMP MIBs to the Dude MIBs database. 

Unfortunately, when doing an SNMP Walk with Dude, it does not use or rather associate the ePMP MIBs with any of the ePMP series devices. 

It only seems to recognize (and uses) the Canopy-SYS-MIB.  See photo attached.  The Canopy-SYS-MIB has alot of entries showing but are not relevant when you look / explore it with the ePMP MIBs (see the Cambium-ePMP-2.3.3-MIB.txt for example).

Anyone successfully using Mikrotik Dude and ePMP together to monitor their ePMP devices?

We've previously used it with PMP 100 series with success.

Anyone with ideas on how to get the ePMP MIBs working?


Did you import the MIB file for ePMP from https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp/



Hi Sriram;

Yes.  The MIB file was imported.  Shown in screenshot.  Your question caused me to look further. What I did to resolve so far was this.

1) Verified that the MIB file/s "CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB" existed and was in the Miktotik Dude MIB folder repository location.

2) Both files were located (confirmed being) in the The Dude MIB folder.

3) Backup the 'CANOPY-SYS-MIB.txt' MIB file within The Dude MIB folder.  Copied file to a safe location.

4) Deleted (safer to rename as well) the 'CANOPY-SYS-MIB.txt' MIB file within the The Dude MIB folder.

5) Restarted The Dude service (within windows services)

6) So I only now had the ePMP MIB file called "CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB" registered/imported with Mikrotik Dude

7) Ran the SNMP Walk tool on the ePMP radios (both AP and SM).  It was now able to work on the ePMP. (See screenshots attached)

8) Re-installed and re-imported the 'CANOPY-SYS-MIB' MIB file back into Mikrotik Dude.

9) Restarted the Mikrotik The Dude windows services.

10) Ran SNMP walks on the ePMP radios again (both APs and SMs)

11) The Dude was able to see and use the ePMP MIBs on the ePMP radios / devices.

12) Ran the SNMP Walk tool/feature back on the PMP100 series and this worked

Hopefully everything continued to work.

Thanks Cambium support for the follow-up and answering in the forum.  Great support.


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The Canopy-SYS-MIB has alot of entries showing but are not relevant when you look / explore it with the ePMP MIBs (see the Cambium-ePMP-2.3.3-MIB.txt for example).????


Hi; Yes. Thanks for the tip. However, even though now it is reading the correct MIB file. It is not showing the descriptive name for what the values are. I posted another (new posting) on this.

So it is now frustrating to have the SNMP, but unable to make any sense of what the values are because the descriptive names are all in ISO format (basically numbers, not text).



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I finally got it to show the detailed names.  Somewhat by accident as it was really annoying.  I'll share what I did to both resolve it and the workaround that I was doing prior to getting it resolved.  Hopefully one method will help you and others.

Before the Dude SNMP walk issue was resolved, I used an MIB Browser by Unleash Networks, called UnBrowse.  This MIB browser tool is really nice and straightforward.  It is fully functional for 30-days and then afterwards, all of the Power Features are disabled.  But for my purposes, I rarely and never really need to use those Power Features.  They make importing and compiling MIBs a breeze.  Once you load the Cambium ePMP MIB file, and then do the SNMP walk, it all shows up.

Then I would use their Tools/OID to Name Converter tool to convert between the OID Name and OID (this option is built-in to UnBrowse.  So it is a menu option.  Copy/Paste this in Mikrotik Dude.

After doing this for a while, which was obviuosly slow, I did this part to get Mikrotik Dude SNMP walk to display the OID Names in full.  Stopped the Dude service.  Using a file management tool (e.g. Windows Explorer or freeCommander, etc) navigated to where the Mikrotik Dude program, database and files are stored.  Deleted the CANOPY-SYS-MIB.txt MIB file.  Copied the CAMBIUM-ePMP-2.5.2.txt MIB file to the Dude MIBS folder.  I also took liberty at this time to update all of the built-in (comes with Mikrotik Dude out of the box) Canopy MIBs such WHISP-*.mib.

Restarted the Dude service and then I was able to see the ePMP MIBs as normal.