Mikrotik elevate sxt 5hpnd and r2

Hello, everyone.

I would like to know if the mikrotik sxt 5hpnd and the sxt 5hpnd r2 can be elevated

and another question is there a lot of difference between using elevated equipment and cambium equipment?


I have many elevated "sxt 5hpnd r2" 

However, it is not possible elevate sxt 5hpnd r1 (400mhz CPU)

Thank you very much for your response.
could you tell me if these models can be elevated?


Yes U can elevate both RBDisc-5nD

I bought two epmp 3000 and 30 licenses to start with but I can't raise the RBSXTsq5HPnD.

the error I get is that mikrotik version is too high 6.44.6 which has to be a 6.40.x version.

The problem is that the RBSXTsq5HPnD the minimum version is 6.44.6

how did you upgrade it?