MikroTik PowerBox Pro (or similar) for tower power

Hi. Are people using tower mounted POE switches (like the MikroTik PowerBox Pro for example) with Cambium gear?  I just erected a tower with 4x ePMP1000 2.4Ghz sectors, and 4x ePMP2000 5Ghz sectors, and it would be great not to have to run 8 Ethernet up there.   :)  

I wouldn't use the Powerbox pro with an epmp 2000 until they figure out the pause frames.  They work fine on 1000's

The UBNT Edgepoint S-16 works good as long as you aren't prone to lightning or surges. 

We have used them at tower sites and micro pops, only as temp solutions though. HOWEVER I would NOT put the router at the top of the tower (how it sounds like you wanna do) cause I'm betting your network admin will not wanna climb up to it if something borks and no climbers are available lol

Also need to remember the input voltage is the same as what is put out on ALL ports, no adjustment on voltage out

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Use ToughSwitches in a box and run DC power to them.  Keep what is up the tower simple.  PowerBoxes are too unpredictable as is the EP-R outdoor equipment.  I know the PowerBox is attractive but you'll be climbing the tower to take it down.  Just go with what you know will work.