Mikrotik SXT Lite5 - DHCP client problem

Hi there,

I'm doing my first tests with Elevate on Mikrotik SXT Lite 5.

I've noticed a couple of problems on DHCP client.

I followed the instructions on this website and Elevate successfully worked. TFTPD32 assigned but the SXT still responding at

Here you can find a video of the entire process I've made:


Then I replaced the DHCP server but I've noticed always the same problem! SXT is not correctly taking the IP in DHCP mode and only responds at

Am I doing something wrong?

DHCP client is very important to me as I already use Cambium devices in bridge+dhcp client+VLAN configuration and all is working fine

Hi planetcaravan,

You are not doing anything wrong. Behavior shown in the video created by you, is the accurate behavior and perfect way of elevating SXT Lite5. The IP address is being assigned to SXT only at the bootup. Meaning - was assigned to SXT via DHCP server. Also DHCP server tells SXT the name of te boot file - "SXTLITE5-Elevate.bin". SXT (at IP address) receives this file (SXTLITE5-Elevate.bin) from your PC, flashes the firmware and reboots at So, was assigned to SXT only in order to send the elevate firmware. Once firmware transferred and SXT boots up with elevate firmware, address no more exists and elevated SXT gets the IP address.

Currently, we only support this method to elevate Mikrrotik SXT Lite5. Hence, you are going to have to configure other network parameters manually, according to your network requirements. Thank you.

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Thanks for your answer.
After the elevate process I did several test with different DHCP servers but the problem remains. The SXT is not taking IP in DHCP client mode.
What can I do?


Can you make sure of following? -
DHCP server needs to run on the Wireless side of the SM. (Typical topology:  SM --wireless-- AP----DHCP server). If your DHCP server lies behind the SM (on the ethernet side of the SM), SM can not get IP configuration via DHCP server that lies on the ethernet side of the SM. Thanks.

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Thanks, now I understand my mistake.

I was expecting DHCP client works also on LAN Ethernet side.