Mikrotik web proxy and Canopy SM logins

Hello all -

Just experimenting with Mikrotiks web proxy package. Works pretty well so far - not sure how much bandwidth it will save yet…

Question - When I am logged into my AP, I can go to the sessions tab and click on a users SM. When I try to login to the SM, I get a “gateway timeout” message.

Is there a specific port I need to enable on my MT router to stop this?

Thanks, and merry Christmas!

Port 1080.

Also, SW version mismatches will cause this, particularly with v7 AP’s and v8+ SM’s

OK, I’ll give that port a look.

My APs are all V9. SMs are V9 and V10. All running 8.2.7 for now.

Thanks Jerry, much obliged.

I used to get this gateway timeout once in a while in ver 8.* but since ver 9. upgrades, i get it very frequently , mostly on the 900 ap.

Gateway Timeout
The proxy server lost connection from upstream server.
Please try again later or click here to go back

Is becoming quite frustrating going into an sm via luid to setup.

I get this all the time when I use firefox 3.0.6. If I clear the cache it’s usually fine for a week then goes back to it. I’ve found using internet explorer 7 I never get the message.

Hey Mate

Be carefull with Mikrotiks proxy, its not so great under heavy load.

I have almost 1000 users on it and it would fail in about 2 days.

They may have fixed it but I was no alone with my problems, many users had them.

It would be ok for a hotspot or something I guess.

I went back to squid.