Mimosa a5c or Cambium pmp?


Am about to invest £30k in upgrading my network from mostly Mikrotik ptmp. What is the current consensus on which manufacturer rules the roost?

I'm located in a semi-rural setting. Some competitors in some areas have busy frequency usage, most other area are empty and it's just me.

Usually averaging about 15clients per ap. Have around 500clients, currently offering a 30/10 package to most of them. Most clients within 6miles to ap, some/few clients 10miles.

My backhaul radios are a blend of airfibres, b5c's, and 60ghz mikrotik

Please suggest ap radio / sector antenna, and recommended cpe antenna


Update: My issue has been solved, thank you.

450m and 450i every day all day. You'll be unhappy with mimosa.