Minimum bridge table size in 24.0

Why has the minimum bridge table size on the sm gone from 4 to 64 in the 24.0 relase?

Nice catch. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.

Are you using something other then the default of 4096, and if so, why?

Someone plugs the line to the radio into their lan, now there are 30+ devices pulling public IP addresses from me. That can exhaust a DHCP pool quickly. I’ve been running a default bridge table size of 4 for years.

Ahhh ok… that makes sense. We run NAT on 99% of the SM’s, so that’s not a problem… on customers that want a static IP beyond the SM, we run the SM in bridge mode, but assign a VLAN and limit the DHCP scope to only assign them addresses in their assigned block.

We’ll see if this get resolved at all. So far Cambium has told me to kick rocks and that it’s going to stay at 64.

I can understand this use case, but this is getting a desired side effect from the feature where it may be better for us to implement something more specific to this use case than relying on the dynamic bridge table entries.

We can look at rolling it back in some way. The reason it was changed is that in some configs, 4 isn’t even enough for our own internal bridged interfaces. So we’ll look at doing some method where customers can get access to some minimum # of entries while ensuring our own interfaces are able to be bridged.

We are using it for the exact same purpose, and is vital for us. Since implementing maximum bridge table size 4, we do not exhaust our DHCP pool. Another plus of using this feature, is that the customers will start having issues if they plug the cable into lan - they will never get more than 2 units working at the same time (best case scenario). If table size is 64, a wrong connection to the lan could potentially work quite nice for the customers, so they do not register that they have plugged it wrong…