Minimum level of sensitivity PMP 450b

Hello everyone, I have a PMP 450b mid gain subscriber 50 meters from a PMP 450i sector.

Just as there are maximum values of sensitivity, I would like to know what is the minimum level of sensitivity (-? dBm) in the PMP 450b mid gain and high gain equipment?

most of the cambium gear is sensitive to -100dB for a minimum receive power sensitivity. each models datasheet does have this information available.

Thanks Douglas,
but my question is for the following case;
I have a PMP 450i AP and 4 subscribers (450b mid gain),
I have the 450i configured with 24 dBm of Ptx and I have a subscriber (SM1) at 50 meters, the second (SM2) at 1Km, the third (SM3) at 1.8 Km and the fourth (SM4) at 3km.

I think that the power of the AP could damage the SM1 because they are so close.

I understand that there is a target level and that the power of the SM1 is in automatic, but I think that the fixed power (Ptx) of the AP could damage the electronic circuits of the SM1.
maybe I am wrong.

Ok I get what you are asking now.
Yes having rx power levels too high ( 0 is higher than -30) can cause desensitization of the receiver but if you are using auto power control on the SMs then the AP will not be desensitized. The SMs can take the high power levels from the AP but will have throughput issues due to the over driving of the rx gain amplifier.

What you can do is down tilt your SM until you get an acceptable rx level on both the SM and the AP


Thank you very much friend Douglas.

Great answer. If the subscriber radio is hearing the AP at too high a level, pointing the receiver (dish) in a different direction can help to lower the received signal level, and allow the radio to work properly. Douglas gives a good rule of thumb, and I would further suggest that anything above -45 dBm could be a potential source of problems (normally -35 to -45 dBm should be ok, but better to be in the -45 to -60 dBm range to be safe).