minimum noise floors to set up a Pop

I know a noise floor well above the enominal sensitivity is the ideal. But what is the reality of what you would put out?
Im mainly concerned with 900 and 2.4. with the acceptable noise floor you set, what ranges and installation rates can one expect?

We have a couple potential sites where the 900 floor is around 80, which it tempting, but im really not overly interested in headaches.

W ehave one site for 2.4 that I have one fairly clean channel, but the other two are both -70 or above

It depends…

The how far do tu want to have coberture? With a moise flor of -70dbm you will need signal of -65dbm on your sms…

Im not looking at the what I wants, Im wanting to know what people actually get away with.

As it is right now, If I dont have at least a single channel (even so anal that it has to be a standard channel I wont do 920 just cause its all thats there) that has a noise floor above the nominal sensitivity I wont install the AP.

I just dont know that its worth being that anal

9dB above the noise floor will give you 1x links + 6dB fade margin.
16dB above the noise floor will give you 2x links + 6dB fade margin.