Minimum Unicast Rate

I have a group of XV2-2T0 radios I am configuring with cnMaestro. When trying to set the Minimum Unicast Rate, it shows up as default on the AP. If I set it on the AP itself, cnMeastro shows out-of-sync. if I resync, it goes back to default (but cnMeastro is set to 12).

Anyone else seen this behavior?

CnMaestro is using the old commands so radio rate changes will not be applied successfully. What you need to do as a workaround is to include User-Defined Overrides in your AP Group. That way the rate changes will take effect and the configuration will be in sync.

Include something like the following in the User-Defined Overrides box:

wireless radio 1
rates min-unicast 12
wireless radio 2
rates min-unicast 12

That should change radio 1 and radio 2 min-unicast rates to 12.

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